Jay Remer
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Jay Remer, Canada's Etiquette Guy, is on a quest to bring civility back to the world of business and society in general. His approach is simple: emphasize the importance of using common sense and trusting one's intuition.

After private schooling, Jay's career began at PB-84 – a subsidiary gallery in the 1970s of Sotheby Parke Bernet. There he learned the art and auction business. He became an avid sportsman, dog show enthusiast, and art collector. Moving to Saint Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada, in 1994, he and his partner, Greg Cohane, restored an 18th Century Sea captain's house and opened it as a historic inn in 1998. He now spends most of his time writing about civility and commentating on current affairs. Despite being a poor reader, his passion for writing provides boundless opportunities to explore effective communication and learning.

Since his first year in high school, Jay has planned and managed hundreds of business and social events. He enjoys event planning and has taken that passion to a new level by showing others how to be the perfect host for any occasion.

As a lifestyle coach and communications consultant specializing in good manners and etiquette, Jay's goal is to guide people, providing them with new knowledge to help them sharpen their social skills. He bases his unique approach on his 6 Pillars of Civility - awarenessgratitudecompassionresponsibilityhumility, and encouragement.

Jay interactively engages with others to help them increase their comfort and skill level, whether in the boardroom, at formal functions, or at the dinner table. He teaches them how to prepare for job interviews, host corporate meals, and dress for success.